Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Smashing Poncho

Another original design for the show.   I found this gorgeous loden green, black and gold metallic wool fabric last year and it finally has found life in this poncho.  The mink trim was from a vintage fur stole and I think it added just the right touch of elegance to the poncho.   I added the fringe to keep it youthful and fun.  The back features a small  stone nestled into a piece of mink...just a little back interest.   One size fits all!!   Love it!!

New Jacket for Show and Sale

This jacket started life as 4 different items: a vintage suede coat, a long heavy knit sweater, a vintage Persian lamb fur jacket, and a animal print sweater knit dress.  I couldn't believe how well the suede matched the animal print sweater knit. I love how the beads set off the exotic look of this jacket.   This is an original design which I sketched before I started but it evolved as I was into the project.  I really like how this turned out.  Too bad the colors don't show as well in the picture as they do in real life. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Threads of Time Sewing Retreat Experience

I just got home from a 3 day sewing retreat with my sister, Barb, at the Threads of Time Retreat Center in Danville, Il.  It was our first retreat so we didn't know quite what to expect.  Barb worked on Christmas gifts and I worked on items for the November Show and Sale.  We were up at the crack of dawn and sewed until our bodies said "ENOUGH".   Sometimes that was midnight.   I met so many wonderful inspiring much fun.   Just want to thank my sister and all my new friends for making the retreat such a great experience.   Can't wait to do it again.    

10th Annual Show and Sale Nov. 17th

It's that time again and I've been busy making items for the Indy Cloth Dollmaker's 10th Annual Show and Sale.  It's next Saturday, November 17th from 10am to 5pm at the Irvington Public Library at 5625 E Washington St. Indianapolis.  It promises to be full of beautiful unique dolls and handmade gift items created by our members.   Be sure to go to our website to get more details and to vote for you favorite "Gift Giver" challenge doll.

Here are some of the gift items I will have at the show.  This is just a sample there will me much more at the show.   I'm still working on some more items which I will post if I get time.   Hope to see you there. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Purse

I've finally managed to squeeze in some "create time" between golf and family.  I have some wonderful Loralie Panel prints in my stash and I've finally decided what I'm going to do with at least some of them.  I've often gone out to dinner or visiting and just wanted to take my wallet, phone and car keys but didn't have a small cute purse to put them in.....sooooo....I've designed one that will use a Loralie panel as the purse flap.  I'm going to make 2 sizes but the first one is 8 1/2"  X  6".    It has 2 zipper pockets and a key clasp to hang your keys on so they don't fall to the bottom of the purse.  I padded and embellished the front panel so it is slightly 3 dimensional.   I'm also creating a pattern and instructions so that those that sew can make their own.  I need a catchy name for the purse....still working on that.....anyone have an idea????

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet Tashi--Tibetan inspired doll

 It's been a while since I posted but I've finally finished a doll.  She was supposed to be finished for the May Indy Cloth Doll joint meeting with the Cincy doll club but life (golf and family) got in the way.   But she is finally done.  I up-cycled several items for this doll.   The head is a sculpt that I did last winter from an on line it has a body.  The inspiration came from some Tibetan jewelry that was given to me.   My friend wanted me to use it on a doll but the jewelry was so big that I had to de-contruct it to make it work.   I reassembled it to use on the costume.   I searched the internet for pictures of Tibetan Costumes for my inspiration.  I took some artistic license but stayed pretty close to the culture. The fur trim on the collar, sleeve and hem was salvaged from some vintage fur pieces that I have been collecting over the years.  Her over-skirt is constructed from brocaded ribbons.   Her hat started life on a Asian inspired pillow.  The name Tashi means "prosperity" in the Tibetan language.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Recently I went to the Chicago Sewing Expo with my sisters, Barb and Molly and my Aunt Phyllis. We all had a great time learning new things in classes and buying some beautiful fabrics and notions. Although I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more books....I couldn't help it...I bought a book on chenille projects. I couldn't believe all the things you can do with that technique. More on that to come........One of the classes that I took was landscape quilting. I wanted to learn the techniques to that I could use some in Art to wear projects. The first picture is the teacher's sample. The second picture is my version. The subject matter is not something I would have chosen but I did learn the techniques which I know I will use in the future.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Collage Jacket

I've just completed my second project which is a fabric collage jacket. I purchased the fabric years ago and even cut out the images. I just never found the time to complete the project. The American Sewing Guild group to which I belong challenged us to complete one UFO (unfinished Object) by our April meeting. That challenge inspired me to finishe the jacket. I have never done anything like this before so I was rather intimidated by the whole process. Once I had all my images laid out on the jacket I used free
motion stitching to attach and embellish them to give them a more three-dimensional look. It is ragged edge applique so it adds just that "artsy" look that I love. I can see so many possibilities of this art form and am looking forward to incorporating this technique in my art to wear garments for the 2012 November Show and Sale.

Please welcome Princess Chun Woo

It has been ages since I have posted. After the show and holidays, we started a home remodeling project which took up most of my time until March. I have now completed two projects that I would like to share with you. The first is a small doll about 13" tall that was made in a Leslie Molen workshop sponsored by the Indy Cloth Dollmakers Club. We had such fun and each doll was totally unique even though we all started with the same pattern. Since I love to embellish I added beaded fabric to my costume and have called her Princess Chun Woo. I hope you like her.