Monday, November 22, 2010

November Show and Sale

I want to thank everyone who came to the Gathering of the Artists and the Indy Cloth Doll Show and Sale on Saturday. I hope everyone had a great time and found great gifts for the holiday season. Thanks to everyone who purchased gifts from me. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. My scarves (see pictures) were a big success so I guess I'll be making more for next year. I'm going to try to add a surprise or two so they won't be just the same ol' thing!! I tired but inspired to see what else I can do. I am going to do some research this week to see what might be the best way to sell some items on the internet. I'm looking into Etsy and also through my own website. I don't have enough information yet but when I decide I'll post the information on my blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recent projects for the show and sale

I have been very busy lately making items for the November show and sale. Recently I've been re-purposing sweaters into scarves. Once I have cut and sewn them together to the appropriate length I embellish by needle felting yarns onto the surface in a random abstract pattern. Selecting just the right colors of yarn and other findings is the hardest part. But it is pretty time consuming felting the yarns onto the scarves even with my embellishing machine. Each scarf takes about 6 hours to complete.

I also have been making needle sculptures. So far my menagerie consists of a cat, scotty dog, border collie, Irish setter, toy poodle, butterfly, and a yellow rose. I need to take better photos but have to figure out how to do that without all the shadows. They are very small, for example, the Scotty in the picture is less than 2" long.

To take a break from all the fuzzy fibers I have just finished a beaded evening bag made from re-purposed beaded sleeves. I found the sleeves a few years ago in an antique store and now seemed like the perfect time to make my vision a reality. The purse is lined with vintage silk velvet which I also found in an antique store.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emma--New Tassel Doll

I've just completed another tassel doll. She is made from a vintage tassel I found in an antique store in Wisconsin. The tassel has a green glass globe which makes a perfect bosom for Emma. I've named her Emma--short for emerald. She is such a jewel. She is dressed to the nines with her emerald studded high heels and painted fingernails. Her hat gives her a jaunty attitude which I love. I get to enjoy her for a few weeks but she'll be up for sale on Nov. 20th. Hope you enjoy her too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Flock

It's been another week of getting more items ready for the Nov.20th show and sale. I saw a chicken pin cushion once in a store and was inspired to create my own. I did and also made a pattern for those that want to make their own. After I made a couple of them, I found a flower that I thought would make great tail I'm on the lookout for more unique ways to make the tail feathers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Coupons/Calendar Holder

Since I got back from vacation in Arizona and the Grand Canyon, I've been busy making Coupon/Calendar Holders. I got tired of carrying around my coupons in ratty envelopes and digging in my purse for my pen and calendar. So.... I designed a holder to keep my coupons, calendar and pen all in one place. When I showed it to other people, they all wanted one. So I decided to make some for the November Show and Sale. I also created a pattern which I can sell. My local ASG club wants me to give a workshop so they can make them too. I've made 9 of them so far ....I probably should make some in Colts pattern but....I'm really tired of making them...time to start on something new. The Indy Cloth Dollmaker's Show and Sale is only 4 weeks away and I really need to start making some more scarves, purses, sculptures and dolls. Busy, busy, busy.....anyway, here are some pictures of the coupon holder.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Berry Fairy in her natural habitat.

I managed to sneak up on the Berry Fairy in her natural habitat and take a couple of pictures. Rare site indeed!! Her expression was both wonder and surprise. I think she was getting ready to eat lunch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Berry Fairy

I've been on vacation so didn't do much sewing but I did get to play some golf. When we got back I went to a 2 day workshop sponsored by the Indy Cloth Dollmakers. Leslie Wright (one of our own members) led the workshop where we all created a fairy. We learned how to do a cloth overlay on a scultptured face. Leslie provided the sculpted paperclay face and pattern for the doll. I learned a lot and will use some of the techniques in future projects. For my fairy I chose chocolate colored micro suede that has a faint embossed design. It looks like she has all over body tattoo. I have some berry branches that I am going to include in her setting so I chose a berry print for her dress. Her wings are made from Angelina fiber and wire. The doll has a wire armature so she can be posed and can be free standing or sitting. I took pictures of her today but I need to take more with better light and put her in her final setting. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isabella Makes an Entrance

I finally finished the doll made from the fabric that I created earlier for Cindee Moyer's workshop. The fabric was used for the dress/body of the doll and then embellished. I love going through my beads and trims to find just right element to complete the design. I used upholstery fringe for her hair. She is complete with hat, purse and fingernail polish. She is quite a sophisticated lady who loves to make an entrance and an exit. She's a great addition to my other dolls since she has such a different personality.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cindee Moyer Doll Workshop

On Sunday, a group of the Indy Cloth Dollmakers traveled to Cincinnati for Cindee Moyer's doll workshop, Weighing the Possibilities. Prior to the workshop we all created a new "fabric" using various widths of multiple fabrics that would be used as the doll's "dress". At the workshop, Cindee taught us how to cover the head with fabric stiffener and then glue crinkle gauze over the head to create an interesting canvas for the face. Although no one completed their doll at the workshop we were all far enough along that we can finish at home. This is the fabric that I created. I will post a picture of the completed doll when I am finished.