Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 AFICC ( Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay)

Sorry it has taken so long to post to my blog.  We sold our home and moved to a smaller place in January so some things just didn't get done as soon as I would have liked.   However, things are returning to some state of normalcy so I should be able to post more now.  

The first activity after our move was to get a doll ready for the 2017 AFICC Convention which was held at the end of April in Columbus, Ohio.  The challenge this year was based on the poem "Monday's Child".   We were to choose a day of the week and make a doll that represented that day.   I chose "Thursday's Child Has Far to Go".    As a child and teen, I rode my bicycle everywhere and since I have many memories surrounding that activity, I chose to put my doll on a bicycle.   I found a bicycle that was painted all gold and repainted it to look less like a home d├ęcor piece and more like a real bicycle.   I chose bright happy colors because I wanted the doll to reflect my happy memories.   Of course, I never had flowers in my basket or gift boxes on the back but it sure makes me happy to look at it. 

She is an original cloth doll with a needle sculpted face that has been hand painted.  This is the first time I have tried to needle sculpt and paint an open mouth smile on a doll, but I'm happy with the result.  I made the hat from 1/4 inch narrow straw braid and then added flowers for interest.  

I was honored to win 2nd place from the judges in the Original Category and People's Choice over all.  I named her "Joy's Journey".    I hope you all enjoy her too. 


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