Thursday, September 24, 2015

Threads of Time Australian Fabric Challenge

On July 24 the Threads of Time Fabric Shop and Sewing Retreat in Danville, Illinois sponsored a Doll Show and challenge for the Indy Cloth Dollmakers.    The challenge was to make a cloth figure using Australian themed fabric.   Here is a picture of the 13 entries.   The people who viewed the exhibit voted on their favorite which was then awarded the "People's Choice Award.   

Camira- People's Choice Winner

My entry was Camira which is an aboriginal name that means "Of the Wind".   I wanted to create a doll that showed the pride and free spirit of the Aboriginal people.   She is a totally cloth doll, even her head.   Her head is needle sculpted cloth which was then painted.  Her hair is made from novelty fringe.   The bodice of the dress is beaded with tiny seed beads and her wrists and ankles are adorned with beads.  

Often I begin the doll making process with a sketch.  This way I can see how the pose and costume fit together before I begin.   Below are sketches of Camira.   

For those that are curious about the face sculpting process, I am including a couple of pictures that show the face before it is painted.  It's strange but often pictures will show features more clearly than if you are looking at them in person.  If I see something out of balance I can change it before it is painted.  

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