Monday, June 16, 2014

Lady Mary goes to Threads of Time Retreat

 Lady Mary

I've just returned from a wonderful 3 day retreat at Threads of Time in Danville, Illinois.   I met my sisters, Molly and Barb there on Thursday and then spent Friday and Saturday with my doll maker friends.  We had a doll show at the retreat and a special showing of "Downton Abbey" inspired dolls.  

Lady Mary made her debut complete with  her signature tiara, gloves and purse.   Her gown is made from iridescent blue silk overlaid with  vintage black lace that I hand beaded.  She is all cloth but her head and arms have been painted with acrylic paint to give them a porcelain look.  Her hair is styled from wool roving.  

Lady Mary's hand beaded Tiara
Lady Mary's hand crafted shoes 
Hand beaded purse in the style of the period

Here are some in process pictures.  

Lady Mary wears underwear even if you can't see it!!
Lady Mary's stockings 

This is what she looked like after needle
 sculpting but before painting
Now she has her face painted and ears added


  1. Katie she is stunning. so amazing. You are talented in so many area's of doll making. Congrats on her!