Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Katie Creates a Character!!

At he 2013 AFICC held in late April, I took a class called "Heiress" with instructor Lillian Alberti.   She specializes in sculpting character dolls using paper clay.  I had never used paper clay before nor have I created a character doll,  so I signed up to learn something new.   Lillian provided us with a instructions on how to use the paper clay for the face and hands and how to make the doll body.  The doll hangs on the wall and the body  is just from the waist up.  We all brought our own muse or sketch of what we wanted our "Heiress" to look like. 
I'm a big Downton Abbey fan so I thought that Maggie Smith, who plays the matriarch of the family, would be a perfect muse.   AT the top left is the picture of Maggie that inspired me.   
Below her is my "Maggie".   She is not so "imperious" and she has a slightly kinder gentler look.    Her jacket and hat are purple silk and her blouse is a silver metallic crinkle organza.  I used vintage lace and beads to embellish her jacket and hat.   I also took a class on hat making at AFICC from Stephen Rausch.   I used the skills learned there to create her hat--complete with hat pin.