Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gift Giver Challenge--The Princess and the Frog

This doll was actually completed last October but it has taken this long to get her photographed!!  What's up with that!!  She was part of the Indy Cloth Dollmakers 2012 Gift Giver Challenge.   I used Stephanie Novatski's pattern for One Kiss is Not Enough for her body but her costume is completely original.

She is called the Princess and the Frog.  As you know the spoiled princess had to learn a lesson about giving and sharing.  When she learned this lesson and kissed the enchanted frog, he became a prince.  She stands beside a pond complete with water lilies and marsh grasses.   Her golden ball that fell into the pond now lays at her feet.  She won 1st place, Judges Choice and People's Choice.   Quite a popular gal!!   She is also a gift for my sister, Molly.  Molly has quite a collection of frogs and now she has another one....just happens to  have a doll attached.  

 Here she is all puckered up to give the frog a kiss!!   I made her crown from gold beads that I threaded on to very thin wire.   The big "bead" the center is actually a fresh water pearl.  Of course she has a necklace, earrings, rings and fingernail polish.

Her jacket is silk brocade with full bishop sleeves and beaded cuff.  In the next picture you can see that I added a bit of tulle under her peplum to add some volume.   Her skirt is an iridescent silk chiffon over over yellow silk charmuse.   Beads adorn the skirt in a random pattern and the lower edge. 

No self respecting princess would be caught without her bloomers and high heels.   Her golden ball is a Styrofoam ball that I covered with beads by sewing them in a circular pattern around the ball.


The pond is a piece of plastic "mirror" sheeting that I cut and painted to look like a pond.  The water lilies and lily pads were constructed by cutting silk flowers into appropriate shapes and then gluing them on the pond surface.    The grass is made from a bath mat that I painted to make it look more natural.