Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vivian's Masquerade

I started this doll at AFIC this year with Leta Benedict. I finally have her finished. Leta's design called for an all white doll made with vintage handkerchiefs but I wanted more color so I made my own "handkerchiefs" for her skirt and boosted the color quotient by using turquoise and lime green. I also made her pantaloons slightly different from Leta's design. I used a decorative ribbon for the last part and then let is stand out like a ruffle instead of drawing it in against her leg. The mask and boots are made from paper clay and then painted. This was something new that I hadn't done before. The hat is made from fleece, watercolor paper (for stiff top) and wire. I had a lot of fun combining all the ribbons and fabrics to make this truly fanciful masquerade doll. I put sateen over a cloth sculpted face and then painted the features. This eliminates the seam lines on the face. I hope you enjoy my latest creation.

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  1. Wow, this is a wonderful doll, great colors!