Friday, July 8, 2011

New Doll-Aquarius

Every year the Indy Cloth Dollmakers and the River City Doll Club in Cincinnati have a joint meeting and share a challenge. This year's challenge was to create a doll based on a sign of the Zodiac. I chose Aquarius, the water bearer. For this challenge I decided to create my own original design. The doll is 19" tall and has a wire armature so that she can stand alone on a base. I used Mimi Winer's that needle sculpting technique to sculpt her face. I used real hair eyelashes to complete her realistic face. The water urn is made from paper mache and then painted. The water is a cascade of beads flowing into the river bed of tiny pebbles. Her beaded gown features moon and stars on the bodice. Her sleeves and bottom of the gown were made from strips of polyester organza which has crinkled using a heat gun and then attached with beads to her gown.

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