Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clay sculpting class update

We've had our first week of work in the on-line sculpting class. We are using super sculpey to make the faces. Our first lesson was to make 3 heads and make the eyes only. It was suggested that we try to make the eyes different in each head. My eyes are Caucasian, Asian and one where she is looking up and to her left. I am enjoying this new medium a lot. If you make a mistake all you do is blend it in or cut it out and start again. I have never tried to sculpt before so with each head I learn a little more about how to use the tools and the medium. They are really bumpy now but our instructor tells us that we will "magically" smooth all those bumps away later. This week we will be adding the rest of the facial features. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clay Sculpting a Face

I'm going to try something new--sculpting in polymer clay. I'm taking an online class and hope to be able to incorporate this technique in future dolls. The teacher is Marilyn Radzat and she makes beautiful sculpted dolls. If this goes well I may also take the session on sculpting hands and arms. I'll take pictures of my progress so that you can share my learning experience. Wish me luck!!

Vivian's Masquerade

I started this doll at AFIC this year with Leta Benedict. I finally have her finished. Leta's design called for an all white doll made with vintage handkerchiefs but I wanted more color so I made my own "handkerchiefs" for her skirt and boosted the color quotient by using turquoise and lime green. I also made her pantaloons slightly different from Leta's design. I used a decorative ribbon for the last part and then let is stand out like a ruffle instead of drawing it in against her leg. The mask and boots are made from paper clay and then painted. This was something new that I hadn't done before. The hat is made from fleece, watercolor paper (for stiff top) and wire. I had a lot of fun combining all the ribbons and fabrics to make this truly fanciful masquerade doll. I put sateen over a cloth sculpted face and then painted the features. This eliminates the seam lines on the face. I hope you enjoy my latest creation.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Doll-Aquarius

Every year the Indy Cloth Dollmakers and the River City Doll Club in Cincinnati have a joint meeting and share a challenge. This year's challenge was to create a doll based on a sign of the Zodiac. I chose Aquarius, the water bearer. For this challenge I decided to create my own original design. The doll is 19" tall and has a wire armature so that she can stand alone on a base. I used Mimi Winer's that needle sculpting technique to sculpt her face. I used real hair eyelashes to complete her realistic face. The water urn is made from paper mache and then painted. The water is a cascade of beads flowing into the river bed of tiny pebbles. Her beaded gown features moon and stars on the bodice. Her sleeves and bottom of the gown were made from strips of polyester organza which has crinkled using a heat gun and then attached with beads to her gown.