Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabric Weaving Sampler

Now that the holiday season is over, I've had some time to try a some new things. I wanted to learn something new so I tried fabric weaving. It seemed like a creative way to use up scraps of fabric and create something new that could be used. I found a piece that I wasn't too fond of and some coordinating colors and plunged right in. Of course, I didn't want to do a simple checkerboard pattern so I used curved pieces. Somewhat of a challenge but the result was quite interesting. I also made a fabric/foam flower, fabric beads, and other embellishments for my sampler. The first picture is the base fabric and the second picture is my "sampler".

I think I may try using smaller strips next time so that I can use the created fabric for one of my doll creations....hmmm.

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