Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fun with Fur

Lately I've been experimenting with up-cycling vintage furs.   I hate to see the furs go to waste.   A lot of them have damage or wear that don't make them usable in their original style but there is still some good fur to be used.   In the past I've made neck warmers but this year I tried something different.   I wanted to applique fabric on the fur to make it more fun and casual. 

For my first project I chose a fur 3/4 swing jacket.   I don't know what the fur is but it is really soft and curly....very unique.   I found some fabrics that I liked and then I sketched a design so that I would have some idea where to place the fabrics.   To begin the project, I took out the lining and then the sleeves.   I saved the lining so that I could make a pattern from it.  
The pockets were completely shot, so I remade them.  Next came the fun part, how to get my idea from paper to fur.    My first step was to make the blue shape that wandered from the front over the shoulder and onto the back.  Once this shape was cut I added bias binding to the edge and then sewed it onto the coat.   Then I place the flowers and circles on the the coat and sewed them on.  I used raw edge applique technique for this project.   After the designs were sewn on, I added the lining and finished the edges with a striped bias binding.   

I had enough in the sleeves to make a cool purse.