Friday, July 31, 2015

Amanda--A Victorian Doll


I have three sisters and I have now completed a doll for each of them.   My sister, Sharon, who lives in Maine, requested a Victorian doll.   She was a fan of the PBS show, Paradise, (they have since discontinued the series) so I took one of the fashions from the show as my inspiration for Amanda.   

Amanda is an original all cloth doll that is about 20 inches tall.  She is clothed from the inside out complete with corset, bloomers, bustle and petticoat.   Of course, you can't see all of them after she is clothed, but after all, she is a LADY.   However, I took some in process photos to share with you.  


I also took pictures of her shoes which I also made.  They have leather soles and I used polymer clay to make the heels which I then covered with fabric.  


I needle sculpted her face and then painted it with acrylic paint.   Here are some before and after photos of that process.  

And here she is with face paint and no hair.   I used Tibetan Lamb for her hair but I curled it on straws to help with the styling.  

So now you have it...all the under the covers stuff and the before and after.  I hope you enjoyed the process.   

Coming of Camira....Aborigine fabric Challenge doll.  


  1. She is fabulous!!!!!!! I loved that show too and I wish it was still on.

    I hope you don't mind my asking but what type of fabric did you use?

  2. The doll is 100% cotton, dress is silk velvet, bustle is silk dupioni and the jacket is a silk brocade, pleated flounce is a poly ribbon that I pleated. Shoes are made from the same fabric as the jacket.