Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting ready for WammFest

I have been very busy the past month getting ready for WammFest that will be held this Saturday. The Indy Cloth Doll Club will have a booth there and I will have dolls for sale. I've updated flicker with the new Chloe Pin Dolls that I have made. I have 11 of them, 8 have gem stone bodies and 3 have lockets for their bodies. I just finished 2 Colts Pin Dolls but they are faces only. Couldn't find a body I liked so just made faces. I think they are cute that way too. Looks like the weather will be warm but mostly least that's what they are saying now. Hope it stays that way. There will lots of artists, food, wine, micro brews and music......what's not to like!! Hope to see you there.

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