Friday, October 15, 2010

Coupons/Calendar Holder

Since I got back from vacation in Arizona and the Grand Canyon, I've been busy making Coupon/Calendar Holders. I got tired of carrying around my coupons in ratty envelopes and digging in my purse for my pen and calendar. So.... I designed a holder to keep my coupons, calendar and pen all in one place. When I showed it to other people, they all wanted one. So I decided to make some for the November Show and Sale. I also created a pattern which I can sell. My local ASG club wants me to give a workshop so they can make them too. I've made 9 of them so far ....I probably should make some in Colts pattern but....I'm really tired of making them...time to start on something new. The Indy Cloth Dollmaker's Show and Sale is only 4 weeks away and I really need to start making some more scarves, purses, sculptures and dolls. Busy, busy, busy.....anyway, here are some pictures of the coupon holder.

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