Monday, September 27, 2010

Berry Fairy in her natural habitat.

I managed to sneak up on the Berry Fairy in her natural habitat and take a couple of pictures. Rare site indeed!! Her expression was both wonder and surprise. I think she was getting ready to eat lunch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Berry Fairy

I've been on vacation so didn't do much sewing but I did get to play some golf. When we got back I went to a 2 day workshop sponsored by the Indy Cloth Dollmakers. Leslie Wright (one of our own members) led the workshop where we all created a fairy. We learned how to do a cloth overlay on a scultptured face. Leslie provided the sculpted paperclay face and pattern for the doll. I learned a lot and will use some of the techniques in future projects. For my fairy I chose chocolate colored micro suede that has a faint embossed design. It looks like she has all over body tattoo. I have some berry branches that I am going to include in her setting so I chose a berry print for her dress. Her wings are made from Angelina fiber and wire. The doll has a wire armature so she can be posed and can be free standing or sitting. I took pictures of her today but I need to take more with better light and put her in her final setting. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isabella Makes an Entrance

I finally finished the doll made from the fabric that I created earlier for Cindee Moyer's workshop. The fabric was used for the dress/body of the doll and then embellished. I love going through my beads and trims to find just right element to complete the design. I used upholstery fringe for her hair. She is complete with hat, purse and fingernail polish. She is quite a sophisticated lady who loves to make an entrance and an exit. She's a great addition to my other dolls since she has such a different personality.