Katie's Dolls

Katie's Dolls

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sachet Dolls

I have been very busy the last 3 days making sachet dolls. I painted 9 faces. In order to get the faces to print clearly I had to spend a lot of time enhancing the scanned images in the computer. They are now saved in my computer so that I can print them when I need them. Remember when I said something about "mass production"? Well, there isn't anything "speedy" about these little dolls. It is taking me about 3 hours per doll to assemble them. Finding just the right trims and beads for hair and accessories takes time. Each doll has a distinct personality so I'm going to give each one a special name. I've made 6 dolls so far and each one becomes my favorite as I finish her. They are soooo cute!!! I'll take pictures tomorrow when I have some good lighting.

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