Katie's Dolls

Katie's Dolls

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sachet Doll prototype

Today I finished the prototype for my sachet dolls. I hand painted faces on cloth then scanned them into my computer so that I could print them on fabric. The copies aren't as detailed as the originals so the next time I may exaggerate the shading and contrast so that the photo copies have more detail. This will allow me to somewhat "mass produce" these little dolls. After the face is printed on cloth I cut it out and wrap it over a covered button form. Attaching the hair is giving me the "fits" since there isn't much to attach it to. I'm sure that I'll figure out an easy way to do the hair on about the 10th doll........oh..well, doll number 11 will be a breeze!!

The dolls are about 8" tall with a loop so that you can hang it in your closet, car or just put it in a drawer. I made my own scented filler so that I can have different scents available. I still need to figure out a clever way to package them so that you can still see them but the scent is sealed in the package. I plan to make about 10 different faces each with her own personality.

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